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Standard Slip Brake

Standard Slip Brake

Product Code: : MKL-1004


PATENTED PRODUCTS: In our flat slip braking system braking pads applied as a first in Turkey has a mechanism of action. We are proud to have successfully implemented the spring-loaded spring system for the first time in the world by breaking a new ground with our system aiming to get rid of soft braking and non-contact braking.

70' and 90' safety gears are available among each product group. 

Speed and capacity datas are presented below: 


PRODUCT RAIL         1,00 M/SN MAX. LOAD(P+Q)    1,00 M/SN -1,60 MS MAX. LOAD(P+Q) 

MKL01 9 MM 3000 KG                  2000 KG

MKL02 16 MM 3000 KG                 2000 KG